mycelium  |mʌɪˈsiːlɪəm|

The vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of a network of fine filaments (hyphae).

myceliate  |mʌɪˈsiːlɪeɪt|

The process of fungal expansion as mycelium grows through its substrate. To actively cultivate fungi for food and ecological restoration.

Myceliate is a grassroots conservation initiative dedicated to improving the state of fungal wildlife in the UK

For millions of years, fungi have been quietly growing and evolving beneath the surface of the world, decomposing, recycling, and regulating nutrients through ecosystems. As a relatively young species, we humans grew out of an Earth that rested on the foundations of mycelial activity. We depend on fungi to keep the cycles of life in motion. With a keen eye and an inquisitive mind, we can train ourselves to see the threads that tie us to this incredible form of life.

Here at Myceliate, we help to inspire people with a fascination for fungi by promoting their tremendous contribution to ecosystem health. Despite playing such important roles in nature, fungi have not received the conservation action they deserve compared to plants and animals, and our mission is to change that.

Through our rewilding projects, cultivation workshops, mushroom forays, and consultancy, we aim to empower people with the skills to grow mushrooms for food, feel confident when identifying wild fungi, and actively participate in restoration efforts for endangered species.

Rewilding mycology through education, cultivation, and conservation

David Satori

Mycologist. Conservationist. Teacher.

David Satori is a mycologist, conservationist, and an avid enthusiast of the natural world. He holds a master’s degree in Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity, and Conservation, and works as a Species Conservation Researcher at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. In 2018, he founded Myceliate, a grassroots conservation initiative exploring how mushroom cultivation can help bring species back from the brink of extinction.

Through Myceliate, he offers mushroom cultivation workshops, identification walks, and a suite of engaging talks promoting the tremendous contribution that fungi make to ecosystem health and human health. Additionally, he serves as a mycological consultant to landowners looking to understand and protect fungal biodiversity on the land they steward.

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