How to Read Nature


Everything in nature is infused with meaning…

When we look out into the distant landscape, the trees, the hills, the clouds, or even the plants and mushrooms growing directly around us, we can deduce ecological clues hiding in plain sight. There was once a time when people walked the land and could see the interconnections around them to make accurate predictions about gathering food, predicting weather, and more. Nowadays the skill of reading nature has largely been lost because of our increasing disconnection, but we can relearn that. 

Here’s a taste of what we will explore:

- What are the names of the plants and mushrooms growing around us, and what secrets of the habitat can they share with us?

- What are the stories, traditions, myths and folklore that surround different species?

- What can we learn by looking at the shape of a tree?

- What can we read in the sky and what can it tell us about upcoming weather?

- What can caws of corvids or the clicks of squirrels tell us about their feelings and behaviour?

This walk will go beyond plant and mushroom identification, beyond names and labels and into the meanings and connections between the species around us and the elements we interact with. It will be a chance to learn how to read the language of nature in the majestic Epping Forest.

More details, and ticket availability can be found here.

event info

Saturday September 12, 2020
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Epping Forest, Essex
This was a great experience, being made aware of so many things in nature that you take for granted. David was super knowledgeable, patient, warm and accommodating. His passion and enthusiasm for his subject dripped off him like sparkling raindrops and that only inspired this student, leaving him wanting more and wondering when the next trip will be.
- Robert
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