Mushroom Medicine

For millennia, mushrooms have been recognised by many cultures across the world for their medicinal properties - from deep in the tropics to the high reaches of the Arctic circle. Now more than ever our immune systems are in need of support from the presence of damaging pollutants and pathogens that now pervade our environments and threaten our health.

We believe many mushrooms have the ability to improve our health, both physically and mentally, and in this species series of online and in-person events, we dive into the natural history and pharmacology medicinal mushrooms, learning the best ways to prepare them, and how to make them part of our daily health practices.


Many mushrooms possess the ability to optimise our immune health to keep us resilient and in good health. In this workshop, you will learn how you can make these medicines at home.


Learn the natural and cultural history of psychedelic mushrooms that have the potential to revolutionise modern psychiatry, as well as the brain-boosting properties of lion’s mane, and more.
David combines a keen enthusiasm for fungi with an excellent knowledge of life sciences, which he is able to communicate with great clarity. His presentation was engaging and full of practical tips on how to make the best use of these treasures of nature. Whether you are a lifelong mushroom enthusiast or just have a casual interest in fungi, I'm pretty sure you will find David's work engaging and fascinating. But beware: his enthusiasm for mushrooms is highly contagious!
- Marco C.
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