Wild Mushroom Walks

Before the dawn of agriculture and specialised jobs, every human being on the planet was an ecologist. Our survival depended on having an intimate knowledge of the flora, fauna, and funga in our local habitats, and how we can use them for our own health. Modern life has taken away this human need, yet deep down we still yearn for the ecological intimacy we once possessed.

In this popular and seasonal series of walks, we will learn how to identify key species of edible and medicinal mushrooms at throughout the seasons, and how to sustainably forage them to ensure we preserve their populations for the future. In addition, we will explore the many species of plants and animals that fungi depend on in a deep interconnected web of life. No adventure is complete without full appreciation of all forms of life.

Every season is a new opportunity to learn what’s growing around us in nature, and there are treasures to be found at any time of the year. Ecosystems are complex and ever-changing, and by staying in sync with what’s happening outside, we can become much more confident in our identification skills. Be sure to stay up to date with our seasonal nature walks by signing up to our mailing list


Learn the plants that help convert sunlight into life, draw CO2 down from the atmosphere, create oxygen, nourish important pollinators with their flowers, and feed us with their leaves and fruits.


Learn the animals that fly and frolic amongst the trees and meadows, pollinating plants, spreading seeds, and ultimately fertilising the habitats around us.


Learn the fungi that help keep trees healthy by channelling nutrients through their roots, and those that help decompose dead matter so that it someday return as new life.
Really enjoyed the walk with David, he was knowledgeable and interesting and friendly! He knew so much about mushrooms and we had a great time and Would recommend.
- Claire B.
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