David Satori

Mycologist · Conservationist · Teacher

Connecting people with nature through sustainable mushroom foraging and conservation.

Myceliate is a grassroots initiative dedicated to the conservation of fungi. Through public engagement and exciting workshops, we help to bridge the gap between people’s growing interest in the outdoors and our global need for wildlife conservation. We advocate for greater cooperation between landowners, conservation organisations, and foraging enthusiasts to help improve the state of fungal wildlife across the UK, ensuring that people can continue to responsibly forage mushrooms for generations to come.

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David Satori

David Satori is a mycologist, conservationist, teacher, and an avid enthusiast of plants and fungi. He holds a master’s degree in Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity, and Conservation from the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and Queen Mary University of London, where he researched how wild relatives of crop plants can be used to adapt our food systems in the face of a changing climate, and had the opportunity to conduct botanical and mycological fieldwork in the rainforest of Madagascar.

In 2018, he launched Myceliate, a fungal conservation initiative dedicated to creating solutions for protecting endangered species of fungi in the UK, as well as teaching people about the importance of fungi in our ecosystems, our health, and the need for ecological restoration. He strongly believes that developing a knowledge of the names and uses of wild plants and fungi will lead to a more regenerative and ecologically aware society.

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